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Since I was a child, I was all about documenting memories. Whether it was scrapbooking, photo albums, taking a million photos of friends (and myself. I'm going to go with that I invented the selfie in 1999 with one of my hundreds of disposable cameras) In 5th grade, I started grabbing my parents camcorder and filming shows and dance routines with my friends. This lasted through high school, of constantly documenting and freezing moments as they happened.

Fast forward to today, my belief that our moments should be treasured and savored for life, this is the absolute dream job if I could have created for myself.

The idea that your wedding film is like a time capsule of Day 1 of your life, gives me all the feels. Bringing you right back to that moment in time, providing a family heirloom to your story. 

I believe in the magic + telling your love story, because there is no love story quite like yours.

Photo Credit : KJK Photographs



These are your moments.

This is your love story.

Your wedding film should be something that expresses your genuine love for each other. If you are crazy in love, let's create magic together.

I am a firm believer in your wedding video and/or gallery being something that truly expresses your authentic love for one another. I walk into the wedding day as the eyes of a guest. The experience is more than, hey the video girl is here. When investing in your wedding day, you're investing in trust, feeling comfortable, enjoying your once in a lifetime love, and the feelings of reliving these moments 100x over.