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Pricing and Info
packages start at $2500

Wedding Day Film Packages

Wedding  Day Coverage offered in 6, 8 or 10 Hour Packages

Audio Coverage including Vows, Speeches + Ceremony

Multiple camera angles during Ceremony, Speeches + Dances

Final Film Delivery is 2 weeks after wedding date

Social Media Teaser delivery is 24-48 hours after wedding date

A La Carte

All Raw Footage - $250

Docu-Edit Film (15-35 minute highlight film) - $500

Additional Hour -- $250

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Style

Because we are looking to capture natural moments, we do as little “posing” or “styling” as possible. We love playing off of ques from photographers and pride ourselves on being able to capture the moments that are very intimate, honest, authentic, and real throughout your wedding.  While we use cinematic techniques when filming, the real drive behind our films is to let you see your day the way it happened in front of our lenses: the laughing, the happy tears, the thoughtful details, the enthusiasm, the nervousness, and everything in between. Any “creating” that we do is done with this in mind. We want you to watch your wedding film and remember true feelings and honest moments, not forced, awkward poses.



Music is a vital part of pulling in the emotion to a film.  We take the selection of music very seriously, simply because when you find “the right” song, it can take a film to a completely different level.  Likewise, since our films are shared online, we must purchase the appropriate music licenses for use in the films.  For these reasons, we do choose to pick the music ourselves, but if this is something our couples are passionate about (for instance, if you are a musician) we can talk through this more and hopefully work something out!



We have chosen to only take on a limited amount of weddings every year so that we can give more of our creativity and attention to each couple. With this in mind, it has allowed us to shorten our delivery time from what it has been in previous years. Wedding films (6-12 minute edits) will generally be delivered the week of of your event ending. Yes you have read that correctly. We are a one stop shop, this means your footage is only handled by us, edited by us, filmed by us, and delivered by us. We do not send films out to be edited through outsourcing. We love seeing the social media shares of your films so we like to edit and deliver fast, while also putting a whole lot of love and time in your edit.


Retainer + Payment 

The retainer required is part of your package price, it is not an additional cost. However, it is non-refundable in order to hold your date.

How To Book!

Look over those package options and decide what it is you want. I can ALWAYS alter and change things depending on your needs and wants! 


After that we will schedule a time where we can chat over the phone or on Skype,  about the blueprint of your video. We will discuss shots you want me to get, maybe something you have seen that you would like and I will bounce some of my ideas off of you as well. Also, I will get all the information I need as to where I will meet you on the wedding day, what time I will arrive and how many hours total I can shoot, depending on the package you chose.


Over delivering a product is always number one! Your short highlight will be available and uploaded within the week of your event ending. Yes you read that correctly, within the week! I’m sorry but I do not make DVDs. Keeping up with the times, DVDs are becoming obsolete! Which is weird, yes, but with the USB Drive you are able to burn your movies onto DVDs if you so desire!


Your wedding is the only wedding I will be currently working on at a time. This provides a personal touch to each film that Ackerman & Co., instead of producing many videos to many couples, and possibly not getting your film for months! 


Remember, any questions, concerns, thoughts, sentiments email me at and please LIKE Ackerman & Co. on Facebook. 

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